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Delivery: 2-5 business days



  • Write email copy based on brief, audience type
  • Design responsive email template
  • 1x revisions on design
  • Deliverable: PDF


Out of scope:

  • Execution of the template in your existing marketing platform. (Offered as add-on)
  • Resuplying a new design or layout is considered as out of scope. 
  • Any changes and revisions after the design has been approved.
  • Does not include any stock image, video or animation to any assets.


*Please note that the cost is calculated based on the assumed time required to complete the tasks listed above. Any out of scope work will incur a $100/hr fee. The client will be notified of any additional work for approval prior to commencement.


Client responsibility:

  • All content, brief, and requirements are to be supplied as final prior to commencement of the project. 
  • All assets to be checked, proofed and approved by the client prior to final sign off. 


*Please refer to the full service agreement included in the check out.



    Email Campaign (Ad Hoc Campaigns)

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